About Self-Love

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Self-love seems to be a recent discovery. 
At least according to instagram and all its people who are trying to show you how self-love is best consumed with scented candles, detox tea and customized skincare. Because you’re worth it.
If is self-love so easy to buy, why can it be so rarely found in our lives? 

From my experience, self-love is a pretty fragile concept. It’s much easier to be talked about than to be actually put into practice. Perhaps it’s because of how banal it seems when taken out of the marketing bubble and compared with other crucial things – our jobs, partners, family issues…? In the never-ending spiral of life events, the self-love talk tends to look kind of cliche and naive, if not totally redundant. However – growing up with a perspective like this (like me), you might have to learn about its importance the hard way.
Simply enough: in the end of the day, you’re always stuck with the one person you like the least – yourself.
I’m definitely the last one to preach. Self-love and positive self-esteem is something I’ve been struggling with all my life, and even though I’m trying to avoid being cynical, the cheap Pinterest quotes still subconsciously repulse me.
“Love yourself!” “Nobody else can love you if you don’t love yourself in the first place!” blahblahblah.
Well, guess what: it’s just not that easy.
Self-love requires discipline, empathy and patience.
There are moments when we’re all brilliant and smart and what’s not to love.
But there are also times in life when we can be found in strange places, saying and doing strange things, and overall not being likeable at all. My point is, self-love is needed in all of those situations.
When you hear yourself saying absolute bullshit and it sounds like someone else speaking.
When you’re acting like an arrogant brat, hurting people around you.
When you’re hurt yourself and become all weepy and sorry about your little miserable existence.
When a mistake follow mistake – or when the right decisions are close but too hard to
When you’re furious and frustrated or when you’re silent and melancholic like a deserted island.
– self-love is the cure, as it allows you to believe in change.

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