What I Haven’t Learned in 22 Years

Snímek obrazovky 2019-07-18 v 20.22.14

In the past 22 years I still haven’t learned to:

  1. Consider myself an adult (an ultimate syndrom of my generation I’d say)
  2. Cut reasonably thick slices of bread
  3. Speak loud enough
  4. Take jokes less personally (ouch)
  5. Drive safely
  6. Reduce my daily caffeine intake to a humanly acceptable amount
  7. Actively keep in touch with all of my favourite people & check on them regularly (one of my ny resolutions though!)
  8. Look effortlessly cool in photos
  9. Make a latte art swan (can only make a heart of a very questionable shape)
  10. Keep a plant alive for longer than three days
  11. Keep sneakers alive for longer than three months
  12. Tolerate lies
  13. Do a headstand or a somersault. Forever clumsy.
  14. Watch Citizen Kane until the end. (tried three times though)
  15. Have a loud, angry, healthy fight with anyone that I’m angry with.
  16. Not to have a minor panic attack before every single phone call
  17. Swim crawl without drowning
  18. Peel carrots&potatoes in a way my mum approves
  19. Have a casual, friendly smalltalk with a hairdresser while getting a haircut
  20. Get rid of my resting bitch face
  21. Get rid of my sweet tooth (mhmm maybe because I lowkey don’t want to?)
  22. Remain cynical. Life’s too beautiful for that.
And you know what? Maybe I’m glad that I haven’t.

1 thought on “What I Haven’t Learned in 22 Years”

  1. jsem hrozná, ale čtu to všechno až teď! 😀 (aspon mi to vystačí na celý věčer ael 3:-) trošku se mi z toho chtělo plakat jak moc to sedí 😀 příští rok to všechno přijde (nebo ten další, nebo ten potom…. 😀 😀 )


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