Dublin: A Pocket Guide for the Clueless and Unprepared

It’s been exactly one month now since me and Marie went on a three day trip to Dublin. We left Berlin and its moral hangover after the 1st of May festivities and flied to what felt like an entirely different climate zone.
Let me give you a heads-up: Dublin’s rainy. 
It just so happened that both and Marie had been running around like headless chicken the weeks following up to the trip. Therefore, we had exactly 0 idea about where we were going, what we wanted to see & what would be accurate to expect. I personally had a vague idea of a pretty city with cobblestone streets, flowers and and somehow, sheep (I do realize how that sounds, yes). I don’t know what Marie visualized but she seemed just as messy as me when we finally set foot in the capital of Ireland.

To be perfectly honest now, I doubt this so-called guide would come handy to anyone who considers themselves either a traveler or a tourist – these tips are way too shallow for the first category and our approach is way too chill for the other one. So, don’t read this post as a complete and exhaustive listing of the city’s gems. It’s rather a messy pile of tips on how to have a good time in Dublin… supposing you just landed from the moon.
Snímek obrazovky 2018-05-19 v 14.42.57_edited.png
Snímek obrazovky 2018-05-19 v 14.57.29.png

1. Galleries & Museums
IMMA – Museum of Modern Art Ireland
excellent exhibitions + great permanent collection + entrance is free for students!
National Gallery of Ireland
interesting architecture + top exhibitions on both art and history – I got to see a beautifully curated exhibition on Emil Nolde. Generally, most of the museum is accessible for free and you purchase an extra ticket for the special exhibitions.
The Dublin Castle
I’d normally skip the complete tour de castle but I’m glad we didn’t. The castle wasn’t overcrowded and the exhibitions ended up being super interesting. Good for soaking up all the (much needed) background information on the history of Ireland and Dublin.
Snímek obrazovky 2018-05-19 v 14.58.25.png
Snímek obrazovky 2018-05-19 v 14.55.41.png
4. Parks & Seaside 
I loved St. Stephen’s Green, Merrion Square and the fact the Dublin hides so many tiny green parks around every other corner. What we also did was taking a bus to Sandymount, which is right by the ocean, to unwind a little – took apx 20 minutes and it was an instant city getaway that brought us to a beautiful neighborhood right by the sea.
5. Food & Coffee 
I purposely exclude any tips for either coffee or food places for the simple reason that we haven’t found any. We had some decent coffee but haven’t stumbled upon any gems, and the same goes to food. Not to be unfair: we had delicious pizza, falafel, brunch and fish&chips. Also, I doubt that Dublin has nothing to offer: it was only our bad that we hadn’t done a proper research before. Sorry if this recap doesn’t do you justice Dublin! Next time ❤
Snímek obrazovky 2018-05-19 v 14.48.32 (1).png
Snímek obrazovky 2018-05-19 v 14.56.24 (1).png

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