10 Things NYC Taught Me in a Month

This is what I’ve learned in New York so far:

  1. You have to rush and if you have nothing to rush for, you’d better pretend you’re in a rush anyway. Time is money and  everybody in this city is broke af. And in a rush. Of course.
  2. There’s nothing extraordinary about suing people. You can sue anybody for anything, any time. Think of it as of a creative outlet.
  3. We’re all humans. And once we’re all squeezed in what feels like 1km², we might as well do each other the favor and ignore the physical signs of that. Sweat, odour, feces, blood. Nothing you couldn’t digest on your morning commute. You’re a person too, so just get over it.
  4. Craving Ethiopian food at 4am is not a problem. This city has all you’ve ever wanted, at once.
  5. New York is hungry and will gulp down all of your precious time like a small delicious bite. Snímek obrazovky 2018-09-24 v 18.42.51
  6. You save a lot of energy you’d otherwise invest in dating because once you’re stuck in the Manhattan crowd, it feels like you’re involuntarily dating the whole city.
  7. Small acts of kindness can be found here too, you just have to look for them a bit more carefully.
  8. The same goes to good coffee places.
  9. You mean and know nothing and your very existence doesn’t really make a difference.
  10. You mean and know nothing and your very existence doesn’t really make a difference, and that can be a wonderful thing.

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