My Favourite Mistakes

Snímek obrazovky 2019-07-18 v 21.18.45

Just listed a couple of the best mistakes I’ve made in my twenties so far, so you have some fresh inspiration for what to try next!

Pronounced “ramen” so it rhymed with “amen”

Had a boyfriend when everyone else was single

Was single when everyone else had a boyfriend (I never seem to get the algorithm right)

Thought I spoke German and moved to Berlin, only to realize that I, in fact, didn’t speak German at all. I didn’t talk for six months

Worried about not having such a wild, great time as the wild, great people on the internet

Didn’t put sunscreen on, proudly claiming my skin could “handle it” #phototypeI

Third-wheeled the “everyone-says-we’re-so-easy-to-hang-out-with” couples

Threw away the ion drink they gave me at the half marathon finish line. The following 40 minutes on a train were the closest I’ve ever been to fainting

Worried about the cool kids, didn’t know there aren’t any

Thought a year was a long time

Thought I knew what was good for me

Snímek obrazovky 2019-03-14 v 10.17.21

Didn’t realize you can drink wine on weekday evenings too

Thought green smoothies make you a better person

Thought that when it hurts, it means it’s healthy

Resisted to having chips for dinner

Mistook sleep deprivation for a sign of efficiency

Mistook burnouts for a sign of efficiency

Thought smoking is a sexy cover-up for social anxiety

Underestimated the future friends

Underestimated tequila

Mistook a beginning panic attack for a stomach pain

Thought creativity can only be spontaneous

Underestimated the power of habits

Thought life is repetitive

– and that’s just the first 23 of them. 

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