Inspiration Found – March

A few things that made the endless month of March a bit brighter, lighter, more inspired.

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No words needed.

I grew tired of all the loud minds everywhere and learned to appreciate everyone who doesn’t strive to influence me. This month, I only used my social media as a source of fun, visual inputs, and switched off all the voices. V refreshing indeed.


I was introduced to Flavien Berger ca a week before I tagged along & went to see him perform. Berger’s electric minimalism turned out to be the March soundtrack to me, as I’ve been swimming in Océan Rouge ever since the concert. I love it when the serious, all-dressed-in-black Berlin crowd dares to smile, and I love performers who don’t take themselves too seriously. “Let’s reach a little music nirvana,” he said, and so we did.

@frecklesnur | @nelplant | @zoras_daughter


In March, I finished writing my BA thesis. With the graduation on the horizon, lot of pragmatic choices need to be made. However, instead of planning my life from my shoebox apartment, I keep dreaming about light spaces, clean white walls and plant jungles. Mhmm.

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With all the academic papers, my brain could hardly absorb any other letters, so I focused on shorter formats instead. Heather Havrilesky explained why life moves too quickly, and Lauren Apfel questioned the use of personality tests in dating. Fun! Marginally, I also noticed a micro-dialogue about feminism in Czech Republic; this particular reaction /by Tereza Stejskalová, CZ only/ was very clear, bullshit-free & examined the need for empathy as a core of feminism.


Illustrations are the best medicine when life feels to serious, and I’m lucky to keep discovering new masterpieces that mock the everyday misery in a clever, sharp way. So grateful for all the people who serve sarcasm instead of opinions. Nothing like laughing at yourself, really 🙂

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