How to Do Berlin

My Berlin chapter is finished, which inspired me to do a round-up post – all seasons, all local tips, all personal favorites. Enjoy!


Endless strolls through the city: along the Maybachufer and Paul-Lincke-Ufer, through the Hasenheide park, Volkspark Friedrichshain. Bike to Museumsinsel and see what’s shown at the Berlinische Galerie and Alte Nationalgalerie. See exhibitions at the C/O, KW, St Agnes, Hamburger Bahnhof. Browse through bookstores; eat a chocolate chip cookie at Books&Bagels or check out the English section at Ocelot, when in Mitte. Try street food markets at Markthalle Neun or at Kulturbrauerei. Find secondhand treasures in Paul’s Boutique Goo, Veist Kleidergeschichten, Garage and maybe Humana if you’re patient and lucky. Sip on a long drink at Geist im Glas or go for a cheep beer in Dschungel.


Watch indie movies at Kino International or Babylon Kreuzberg. Slurp delicious ramen at Hako or Cocolo, if you don’t mind crowds. Use the short days as an excuse for day drinking and camp at Trödler Bar, Mano Cafe or Jungbusch. Go out and lose the mood in the freezing club lines that take hours. End up at Sameheads, a funky bar with a tiny dance floor. Go on a date at Sheriff Teddy, get very flirty after two gin fizzes, kiss in one of their tiny booths. Sober up. Eat a cozy brunch at The Future Breakfast, Aunt Benny or Cafe Okay. Find a warm nook and survive.


Smell the crispy freshness: the city’s waking up! Get excited! Bike everywhere without a scarf and catch a cold! Talk about your future plans at your friends’ balconies! If you don’t have friends, talk to strangers at Ubahn! Make last-minute plans for the Gallery Weekend. Enjoy the first breakfast in the sun at Le Bon, eat a hot bowl of cardamom porridge at Cafe Valentin. Go for chilly runs at Treptower Park. Dance the night away at Sisyphos, watch the sunset outside, welcome the summer.


Complain about the grey weather. Go to Gaby’s birthday picnic at Mariannenplatz: if you don’t have any Gaby in your life, find yourself some fun park parties with homemade piñatas you could crash. Eat ice-cream at Fräulein Frost and Mos Eisley. People-watch while sipping on an iced filter at Populus. Drink lemonades at Tempelhofer Feld. Complain about the heatwave. Eat more ice-cream at Eispiraten and Eismanufaktur. Take a sweaty S-Bahn ride to Krumme Lanke or Plötzensee, swim and drink cheap rosė. Dance at about blank, sunbathe at YAAM, go to Elsa and tell me how it is cause I still haven’t made it there. Eat a cheesecake at Five Elephant, pray with a cappuccino in your hand at 21gramm, a cafe-turnt chapel. Meet wonderful people at spätis all around the city. My favourite: the one on Reuterplatz, next to Sahara Imbiss (how convenient: the best falafel in town). Browse through flea markets. Sit in an open window at Twin Piggs, drink something rosemary-infused and smell the summer storm outside.

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