#BookmarkFriday: Loving the Limbo

Print: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney (2017)

I only read Rooney’s debut because I felt that’s “what girls my age read” (and yes, I’m a stupid snob), but turned out this book is everybody’s darling for a reason. Conversations with Friends is a sharp reflection of millennial relationships, with all their notorious dread of labels and vulnerability. Frances, the 21-year-old narrator, proves to be a clever observant of her own story, in which she involuntarily transforms into the main protagonist. A sarcastic introspection written in a light and casual tone, which makes it the perfect late summer read.

You’ll enjoy it if you liked: The Idiot (Elif Batuman), Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger)

Blog: What To Do When You’re Living in Limbo by Sarah Nagorcka

A honest attempt to help anyone whose “life stops for nothing”. We all know the inbetween, not-really-there-yet kind of situations, so it’s valuable to gain some perspective. Find it here.

Caption: @overheardla

Quote: Karl Lagerfeld, 1999

Once you reach something you have to find something else. It’s the process that is stimulating, not the achievement. Everything is about starting again.

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