Some of My Favorite Nonfiction

I’ve been a fan of stories since day one. It took me, however, a bit more time to discover great storytelling hidden outside of fiction. Even though I automatically tend to associate nonfiction with heavy academic texts, fighting against this stereotype paid off. Searching for stories in different literary forms introduced me to books that deeply affected me and challenged my worldview. Here are some favorites of the past year.

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Follow Me Around Berlin: Winter Edition

Snímek obrazovky 2019-07-18 v 20.36.39

It’s been nearly two weeks since I visited Berlin after – what felt like – ages. I drank a lot of coffee and had a lot of fun with people who have a special place in my heart. It was short and sweet and also very emotional, as so many changes happened since last summer when I moved out. I walked the streets with eyes wide open and my heartbeat going full-speed.
Happiness level: freshly adopted puppy. 

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Back on Track

start cover

I used this blurry S-Bahn picture for my first blogpost almost two years ago.
A lot of things have changed since that time, but I can still recall the mood of the very moment. This mixture of fear, excitement, nervousness and euphoria is what new beginnings mean – and have always meant – to me.
A few months have passed from my last article on the old blog, and I didn’t really understand why I couldn’t write more. Today I know it wasn’t the right time to write anything; the time is now and I’m more than excited about that.
More stuff to come ❤