The Glory of Being Busy

It’s 2019 now and the only correct answer to “How are you?” seems to be: “Fine but I’m so busy.” Some people even skip the first part and straight on jump into the complaints, as if they got to win a golden medal for whining. And what else can you reply than – “I knoow – me too.”

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Are You Still Relevant?

In the past few weeks, future caught me off-guard. There’s a thin line between excitement and anxiety, and it feels like it turned into a high wire that I’ve been teetering on. But the unknown isn’t the trigger – it’s the lack of context. I wrote about dealing with peer pressure back in June and now, oh well, I’m gonna write about the lack of it.

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How I Fight Lack of Creativity

Steering away from the line of oh-so-deep posts, I’d like to explore a topic that’s currently the No. 1 on my mind: creativity. I by no means consider myself some sort of a creative guru; however, I strive to create every day. Does that mean I’m entitled to share my tips on how to fight the lack of creativity? Probably no, but I’ll write it anyway. After all, sharing is caring, nicht wahr?

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